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Meet the Makers: Little Italy Coffee Roasters

When it comes to exceptional beans and delicious coffee, Adam from Little Italy Coffee Roasters ticks all of the boxes. We had a chat to the self-confessed coffee aficionado to find out more about the Little Italy Coffee story and his own journey into the world of coffee.

TA: How did the Little Italy Coffee Roasters story begin? What drew you to start the business?

LI: In 2011 I had just completed my Bachelor Degree in Commerce and Accounting and was weighing up my career options. An opportunity came to work at Little Italy Coffee Roasters for the short term and save some money for a trip I had planned with my family. After exposing myself to the coffee industry for the first time I immediately fell in love with the art and personalisation of cafes coffee and the endless knowledge that presents itself. After learning that the business was for sale – I cancelled my job interviews and opportunities to work overseas and made the decision to pursue a life in coffee. The number 1 reason I enjoy the business is that I am dealing with people on a day to day basis and not just people, ambitious, creative, genuine people that are all business owners trying to put their own personal touch and idea on a service industry that has been around for thousands of years. Every day I learn something new and see a new side to hospitality, coffee and the ever growing off shoots coffee now encompasses (machinery, Training, technology )

TA: Since starting the business, what have been your biggest accomplishments?

LI: Biggest accomplishment wow what a tough question! I honestly believe the network we have created. The amount of cafes, staff, suppliers that have all been part of our journey and us being a part of theirs to me it feels like one big family with similar goals and a symbiotic relationship. It honestly feels win win situation!

TA: Describe Little Italy Coffee Roasters in 3 words.

LI: Family, Service, Quality

TA: In your opinion, what makes a great blend of beans?

LI: Coffee is such a personal and subjective topic! In my opinion a milk based blend that can cut through the milk and provide a full bodied flavour with notes of chocolate, honey and caramel is usually what I am looking for. In the black coffees I will try something new and with a different profile to keep my palate guessing.

TA: What is your typical coffee order at a café?

LI: Long Black or an espresso

TA: What is next for Little Italy Coffee Roasters?

LI: Next for Little Italy is to streamline a lot of our processes to ensure we are able to improve the high level of service we provide, increase the variety of relevant products and adding an online portal for our retail or wholesale customers to continue educating and providing insight into new brewing methods and equipment.

TA: Lastly, any advice for those wanting to buy beans and brew delicious coffee at home?

LI: My biggest piece of advice would be to try different roast profiles, brewing methods and origins try everything and slowly identify what you look for in a coffee. Understanding different parameters through education will allow you to unlock the beauty that is coffee and enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Image credit: @littleitalycoffeeroasters

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